Enjoying the tropics of Playa del Carmen, 2012
Enjoying the tropics of Playa del Carmen, 2012

My entire career has been in the corporate world. I have been in various industries (retail fashion, hardware, financial services), but always in the occupation of marketing and advertising. And I do love it! So this is a new endeavor for me – marketing myself and my own opinions about health and wellness, that is. After discovering that I have some health issues that are best served with a healthy diet, exercise and natural remedies, I realized that a lot of what I thought I knew about good health is WRONG! This inspired me to start my own forum to inform others about what I wish I knew years ago!

So, what’s the deal with “oils”, you ask? Well, that’s an important part of my journey. I discovered a therapeutic grade of essential oils that helps my body to heal itself. I want folks to know more about this as well. So I will share helpful things relating to this also.

I think good health is SO much more than a physical form. We need to have all areas of our world work together for optimal health: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional. When we are aligned in all these areas, we can experience our own optimal health and peace. This is my wish for everyone!

Much gratitude to you for visiting my page. May you come to know even greater health and happiness in your life too!

To your health!



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