Top 10 Ways I Use Lemon Essential Oil in My Home

You’ve probably sought out a cleaner with a “lemon fresh” scent when looking for a household cleaning product or disinfectant in your home. And sure, the smell of fresh lemon is very nice. But do you realize the many extraordinary benefits that are brought to us by our good, natural, organic, sunshiny, inexpensive, happy little lemon friends?images809IM0JP

I have the highest grade lemon oil in my hands. It is cold-pressed from the rind. In fact, it requires 3,000 lemons to produce one kilo of this essential oil. And these lemons are sourced from Italy, where lemons thrive best and have been harvested for many generations. I mean, trust me, I’ve been to the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento…and it is a lemon wonderland for sure!

Please check out this list of uses I have found for lemon essential oil. And tell me what YOU use it for!

  1. I put a few drops in room temperature water in mornings. Room temperature is better for your digestion, and if you have sensitive teeth or stomach, like me, it serves a secondary purpose.
  2. Put two lemon drops (or sometimes lime) in a favorite guacamole recipe. Very flavorful, without the bother of cutting a lemon.
  3. A few drops in a diffuser is so calming and relaxing. It’s a mood lifter and helps me to bring a blissful scent into the room, and into my life.
  4. Trying a few drops in hot water or tea can reduce phlegm in your system or help sooth a sore throat.
  5. I put a few drops on a cotton ball and set it in the back of your fridge for a fresher scent.
  6. I combine a few drops of Lemon with other important therapeutic essential oils into a vegan gel capsule to help me fight off dreaded viruses and bacteria. It kept the flu away all winter!
  7. I combine it with distilled water into a spray bottle and wash my counter tops with it.
  8. Put a few drops in the dishwasher, right along with the dishwashing tablet, for extra clean and shiny dishes.
  9. I put a few drops in my washing machine to act as a good disinfectant to our dirtiest clothes or wash rags.
  10. I spray that lemon/water spray on my sink sponge to keep it from going gunky too soon. Smells fresh and clean every time!

I believe the cleaning companies take their cues from nature. But why not skip the dangerous synthetic chemicals that are often rejected by our bodies, and stick with the TOTALLY NATURAL chemical compound that was put here by our Creator? Our bodies and plants are both carbon based. We speak one another’s language! Our bodies thrive when we feed on earthly compounds! To learn more about the health benefits of lemons, click here: And to bring doTERRA essential oil or any other amazing oil into your life, leave a comment here and I’ll be in touch with you.


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