Frankincense: The King of Oils

I didn’t know what I was missing in my life until I found Frankincense! Someone told me that the “main job of Frankincense essential oil is to repair cells”, and that it may be used on a myriad of problems our body has. And hey, it’s not called “The King of Oils” for nothing. I now use it around my eyes to help keep wrinkles from forming, behind my neck (along brain stem) to keep inflammation away from my eyes and brain, at bottoms of my feet to get into my bloodstream quickly and help reduce inflammation in my entire body (I have rheumatoid arthritis), and it’s also a key ingredient in vitamins I take daily to enhance every cell in my body, and make me even more receptive to additional healing oils. If there is any chance of having “toxic” cells in my body — and heaven knows we live in a society FULL of toxins — I would like for Frankincense to be in my body fighting off bad cells on my behalf.

For more information about Frankincense essential oil, email my though blog comments, and I’ll be in touch!


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